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Here is The Cube.

The perfect combination of creativity, industry and experimentation, Here Is The Cube's Spring Summer season focuses on bright, reversible jackets and raincoats in light travel-proof designs. Their minimal, sporty character is perfectly integrated with the collection's jewel-embroidered belts and trims.

Integrated system of outerwear and accessories

The philosophy leading to definition of a truly complete system of transformable outerwear and luxury mix and match accessories with a minimal, bold designer look. As underlined by the unique packaging.

  • Reversible down jacket Ft209,790.00
  • Reversible jacket On Sale Ft163,390.00 Ft130,712.00
  • Reversible jacket On Sale Ft163,390.00 Ft130,712.00

Evolve. Update. Adapt. Express. Transform.

Accessories to customise, reinvent and renovate Here Is The Cube items, making them luxurious on top of functional and practical.

  • Mink hood trim Ft102,490.00
  • Ponyskin printed belt On Sale Ft26,390.00 Ft15,834.00
  • Ponyskin print cuffs On Sale Ft60,890.00 Ft42,796.00

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